Available now are HD captures and videos of the MTV Movie Awards ceremony and the “Eclipse” clip they presented. Many thanks to Kimberly at KBeckinsale.com for the clips!

Gallery Links:
06.06.10: MTV Movie Awards
Official Clip: MTV Movie Awards Ecxlusive Clip

Watch the rest (Best Kiss, Eclipse clip, Best Movie) HERE in the media archive!

Camilla’s been busy uploading caps from the “New Moon” DVD and now I’m here to begin doing my part. Uploaded now are the deleted scenes. More heading your way soon!

Gallery Links:
Deleted Scene: Bella’s Birthday Cake
Deleted Scene: Driving Home From the Party
Deleted Scene: Waking in the Woods
Deleted Scene: Charlie Puts Bella In Bed
Deleted Scene: Bob’s Bikes
Deleted Scene: Bella’s Nightmare and Chat With Charlie
Deleted Scene: Remembering The Meadow
Deleted Scene: Mike Is Left At The Cinema
Deleted Scene: “I’m Here If You Want To Talk”

The gallery has been updated with captures of Kristen-footage featured on the featurette Introducing the Wolf-Pack on the New Moon DVD. Enjoy!

Gallery Link: New Moon DVD Captures – Introducing the Wolf-Pack

There were ten extended scenes featured on the New Moon DVD and Kristen was featured in every single one of them. View caps of this in the gallery!

Gallery Link: New Moon DVD Captures

Lots of great footage of great footage of Kristen was also featured in Becoming Jacob on the New Moon DVD. View caps in the gallery!

Gallery Link: New Moon DVD Captures – Becoming Jacob Featurette

Screen captures from the Shooting in Italy featurette from the New Moon DVD have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Link: New Moon DVD Captures – Shooting in Italy

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