I’ve added to the gallery one outtake from the September 2012 issue of Vogue. Check it out!

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  • Aug 16, 12chris says:  

    Kristen will come out back on top. She made a mistake and acknowledged it. She is just 22 years old and will continue to grow every day. This is a painful lesson that she is going through on her own and it’s unfair that the public is judging and persecuting her. We ALL make mistakes. This too will pass and her acting abilities will shine through…as always. She is one of the few young hollywood actresses who has not been in trouble, had a DWI or DUI, been arrested, etc. She is human and made a mistake. Let’s just get over it, let her, her heart and her boyfriend’s heart heal…and leave them alone. It’s her life NOT ours.

  • Aug 16, 12kate says:  

    I agree with you Chris. Kristen has been attacked by the media and Twilight fans. She has apologized and deserves to be forgiven. It was reported that Rupert was infatuated with her early on and relentlessly persued her. From what People mag reported there was the flirtation and kissing – and everyone is calling her horrible names. I firmly believe that he has done this (and more) with other young actresses. I don’t understand why the public doesn’t blame him for any of this. If she fell for the sweet talk of an older man while being in love with Rob, then I think perhaps Rob may not have been as attentive as he should have been. I only hope that Rob steps up and listens to her so they can get past this. And if he can’t, then maybe she is better off than to be with someone who can only think of his pain and refuses to forgive.