Charlize Theron is publicizing her new film Young Adult and did an interview with Vogue magazine for their December 2011 issue. During the interview she talked about working with Kristen on Snow White & the Huntsman.

“She just turned 21. She’s a child. When I think about myself at 21, I had just done The Devil’s Advocate, and Keanu [Reeves] had paparazzi following him and Al Pacino said this thing to me: ‘If I knew that my life would be under this kind of scrutiny, I would have never become an actor.’ ” And I thought, Wow. I couldn’t comprehend it. . . . And Kristen is just living this to the max and still has a sense of humor about it. There’s this really lovely quality about her that just doesn’t give a f*ck. A lot of people say they don’t, but then they go home and cry and pop a Xanax. Kristen actually doesn’t give a f*ck. That’s what’s so refreshing about her. . . . I’m looking forward to killing her and taking her beauty. That’s what happens, right?”

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  • Nov 19, 11Jessica says:  

    I agree with Charlize 100%. This is one of the many things I admire about Kristen.