We got some awesome gallery goodies for you today! The first set is a new-old photoshoot from an unknown year (if anyone knows which year this was taken – please let us know in the comments!) 2005! but Kristen is looking fabulous anyway. Credit for those goes to smeesmitt @ livejournal via our elite affiliate kstewartfans @ livejournal. Also added to the gallery are some new Nylon outtakes (some of them were used in the Asos magazine we posted scans of earlier this week). Enjoy!

005: 2009: Session 007 (Nylon Outtakes)

003: 2005: Session 001

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  • Sep 06, 09Emily says:  

    those black and white ones are beautiful!

  • Sep 06, 09Maru says:  

    BEAUTIFUL ♥ as always :)