Barnes and Noble has released a preview of the inside pages of their 2010 New Moon wall calendar and you can order yours here. Check out the full-sized preview in the gallery!

001: 2010 Wall Calendar
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  • Sep 18, 09Maru says:  

    I can’t wait to see New Moon! Can November come a little bit faster?
    Thanks for the pictures.
    You do an amazing job on this site! I love it :)

  • Sep 19, 09Elena says:  

    Wow,the pics in the calendar are awesome…can’t wait to come out as stills!!!

  • Sep 19, 09anne says:  

    hey! I love this alice-pic of ashley wering sunglasses and this scarf! she looks so great!! kindof like in old movies… I cannot wait to see new moon!!! but the first pic where you can see jasper and carlisle and emmet holding him back looks kind of weird..^^

  • Sep 19, 09rayanne says:  

    omg i love all the new moon pic calander there all awesome i soooo cant wair for new moon theres only 60 dayzzz left wohooo cant wait man,
    i wish i could meet all the twilight casts that would be my dream come true lol

  • Sep 20, 09Agi says:  

    This Calendar is so cool. I want it:)

  • Sep 20, 09Klara says:  

    Vote on Kristen for scream 2009. Everyone like hates her and sais she’s a bad actress. I love her and think she’s awesome and if you do too then you have to vote!!

  • Sep 21, 09Maru says:  

    ^ Where do we have to vote?