Hitfix – Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are a couple in love — and possibly death.

I’m on the set of “American Ultra,” the Max Landis-scripted, Nima Nourizadeh-directed comedic action film that stars Stewart and Eisenberg as Phoebe and Mike, a slacker couple being pursued by heavily-armed contract killers. The reason? Mike is in fact a highly-trained government agent (with amnesia!) who’s been marked as a “liability” and targeted for assassination.

We get to see some of the action go down on the film’s New Orleans set, a warehouse that’s been partially converted into a small-town grocery store. When we arrive they’re in the midst of shooting a fight scene that sees Mike engaging in brutal, bloody battle with a number of enemies through aisles labeled “Fresh Produce,” “Electronics,” “Chips” and “Cleaning Products.” In one corner of the warehouse, a giant green screen has been set up that in post will be replaced with the visual of a Humvee driven through the front of the store.

When we first arrive, Eisenberg — his face painted with cuts and bruises — is speaking into an intercom phone while crouched behind one of the checkstands at the front of the store.

Collider have released some new stills from American Ultra along with an interview with Kristen and Jesse Eisenberg.

Question: It was pretty awesome watching you do the choreography stuff today. That’s very different for you.

JESSE EISENBERG: Certainly, I never do that.

Very different from all your other stuff.

EISENBERG: Yeah, we’ve been training for a while.

Are you enjoying that, all the physical training and the action stuff?

EISENBERG: Yeah. I started a few months ago because my character has to be trained, but doesn’t remember that he was trained so it kind of comes to him instinctively.

You have to have this physicality, but you’re obviously not supposed to bulk up because you have to be the stoner guy, so has it been mostly about choreography rather than strength training and stuff like that?

EISENBERG: Yeah. I was in Michigan working last month, so they hired these great guys, and every day off I had was working with them. They were teaching me South-East Asian style fighting, and Rob Alonzo is the stunt coordinator, he’s Filipino and knows –

We were just talking to him.

EISENBERG: Oh you talked to him, yeah.

How did you first get the project? Was it that you read the script and you were like, “Wow! I wanna do this character!”?

EISENBERG: Yeah, it was a great role. The script was finished, I think, like the week I read it, and I just loved it.

[Kristen Stewart joins the interview]

On June 16th Kristen made a special appearance on stage at Women in Film’s 2015 Crystal + Lucy Awards beside “Twilight” author, Stephenie Meyer.

The two stars were in attendance at the event to talk about all the Twilight-themed short films that they have challenged women to create. They created a panel of judges, that includes themselves, Kate Winslet, Julie Bowen, and more, to select one winning short that will premiere on Facebook this year.

Kristen is wearing a Proenza Schouler dress and Sophia Webster heels.

Variety – Kristen Stewart is set to star in Olivier Assayas’s “Personal Shopper,” a Paris-set English-language ghost story taking place in the fashion underworld.

Assayas previously directed Stewart in “Sils Maria” which world premiered in competition at Cannes and earned Stewart a best actress Cesar (France’s Oscar equivalent), making her the first American actor to win a Cesar.

Penned by Assayas,”Personal Shopper” brings back the “Sils Maria” team: Producer Charles Gillibert for CG Cinema, MK2 for international sales and Les Films du Losange.

Gillibert said “Personal Shopper” will feature some of same themes as “Sils Maria” and will also have a genre/fantasy dimension.

Shooting will start in the last quarter of 2015 in Paris.

Gillibert has “Mustang,” the directorial debut of Turkish helmer Deniz Gamze Ergüven, playing at Directors’ Fortnight. Ahead of its world premiere on Monday, Ergüven is being buzzed about as a Turkish filmmaker to watch.

The official trailer for American Ultra has been released! You can watch below.

Kristen is on the cover of the February/March edition of Wonderland!

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